2023 Favorite indigenous grape variety – wine by REISTEN winery

Discover Pálava a Czech wine region and also an indigenous grape variety

The REISTEN winery is located in the traditional wine-growing village of Pavlov in the heart of the Pálava microregion, Czech Republic, in which, according to archaeological findings, the history of grape growing dates back to the 3rd century.

The REISTEN winery, which was established in 1999, produces exclusively quality wines from hand-harvested, selected grapes grown on 31 hectares of its own vineyards. Work in the vineyards takes place throughout the entire vegetation cycle of the vines in a gentle way so that the bushes thrive and are not overworked.

The winery’s flagship is the Pinot Blanc variety and the Wallachian Riesling, Rhine Riesling and Sauvignon varieties. These are the ones that best match the soil and climate profile of the Pálava vineyards.

The unique atmosphere of the Pálava landscape, in which the work and steps of our ancestors combine with the heat and lightness of the sun resting on the white rocks and at the same time penetrating to the roots of the vines, gives rise to wines of a distinctive, almost Mediterranean character.


Amazing ! At the latest  2023 edition,

REISTEN won both a GRAND OR medal and the Prize of the Best indigenous grape variety wine for REISTEN PALAVA MAIDENBURG 2022.

Congrats to the whole great team !

The cellar master Zdenek Musil (lying down in the photo), Ondra Stejskal (Director for production and vineyards of both the REISTEN and Kolby wineries), Mr. and Mrs Hanus (in the photo Marie is in a black T-shirt – winegrowers), Tereza Helmová (Operations manager, both wineries Kolby, Reisten), David Zourek (Sommelier – bottle on head), Václav Šmach and Jiří Hübner (slaes managers), accountant Jana Chromíková. Then Martin Topolanský, Lucie Janišová (on barrel) and Petra Příkazská.

To know more about Pálava grape variety 

Pálava (abbreviation Pa) is a red wine grape variety (Vitis vinifera), intended for the production of white wines, which was created by crossing the Tramín red and Müller Thurgau varieties. The variety was bred by Ing. Josef Veverka, who started her breeding in 1953 at the Breeding Station in Velké Pavlovice and later continued it in Perná (the neighboring village of Pavlov). It has a reddish skin like Tramín.

The variety was entered in the State Book of Varieties of the Czech Republic in 1977, it is also entered in the list of registered varieties in Slovakia. Plantings of this variety are mainly in southern Moravia, in the Mikulovská and Znojemská sub-regions, in the municipalities of Perná, Lechovice, Hrušky and Čejkovice. In Slovakia, it is cultivated only occasionally, mainly in the Lesser Carpathian region. In 1999, it was cultivated in the Czech Republic on 0.5% and in 2010 on 1.1% of the total area of vineyards (in 2007 it was 124 hectares). The average age of the vineyards of this variety in 2010 was 13 years, the variety is currently popular and the planted areas of vineyards have an increasing tendency.

The name of the variety is derived from the name of the Pálava Protected Landscape Area in the South Moravian Region.

The typical character of the wines is similar to the wines of the Tramín red variety, but the spicy fullness is lower and, on the other hand, the acidity is somewhat higher. In any case, it is necessary to maintain the acidity for a pleasant tone. The wines are usually golden-yellow in color, the aroma contains the aromatic substances of Tramín, i.e. roses, complemented by vanilla notes, the taste is full, long-lasting, more delicate harmony than Tramín. In the aroma and taste we can look for spices, nutmeg, vanilla, tangerines.


What are the significant projects of REISTEN winery  for the coming years ?

“We have a newly renovated winery with a beautiful tasting room. In the future, we are thinking of expanding it in some way, improving it in this way, for tastings, meetings, but I don’t want to specify that in more detail. We would certainly also like to open up more to the world, which is already partly happening and around 25% of visitors are from abroad, including France, essentially from all continents. Otherwise, we are in the transition period of organic production, so soon our grapes will be organic. In recent years, we have started to work a little more with wood and with white wines, but we certainly do not make fundamental changes in the portfolio of wines, the varietal composition and production in general.” concludes Tereza Helmová.

” This is the several time we send wine to Le Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg, we are mainly interested in feedback, but Strasbourg certainly has a good reputation among wine lovers.

For me personally, it is also interesting that this is in France, which is somewhat closer to Germany due to its proximity to us. Varietal wines are made here, moreover, from varieties like ours, so it’s a good comparison for us “

says Tereza Helmová (Operations manager, both wineries Kolby, REISTEN)


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