Having a nose for white wines

Portrait of Émilie Lejour, member of our jury of experts!

A native of Burgundy, this passionate woman has been immersed in wine from a very young age.

A woman with incomparable professional and human qualities, she breathes with her communicative joie de vivre!

It is therefore quite natural that Alsace opened its wine doors to her. Émilie has been working at Wolfberger since 2009, where she started as a laboratory manager. Today, her path has led her to the vinification of still wines. Thirsty to diversify in the wine world, she then became a member of the Union of Oenologists of France, and fully involved in the office in Alsace. Since 2016, she has been the National Manager of the Vinalies Commission, another reference in France for wine tasting competitions.

Oenologist and epicurean, Émilie never ceases to surprise us.

Thank you for accompanying us every year! 

Emilie Lejour goûte un vin blanc