Samples and partnerships from all over the planet

Winegrowers from five continents are in turmoil during this registration period. Remember that beyond the GOLD and SILVER medals awarded in 2021 to 17 countries, the famous dry wine trophies in each category were Australian (1 estate), French (6 estates), Greek (2 estates), Hungarian (1 estate) and Czech. (1 domain). As for the VINOFED Trophy and Le Grand Prix du Jury, the Cave de Turckheim and the Pierre and Frédéric BECHT estate in Dorlisheim in Alsace were the winners respectively. So which countries will be on the podium in June 2022?

Many Press partners are also mobilized around the competition:

« Drinking a glass of wine is like tasting a drop in the river of human history. »
Clifton Fadiman