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Dry Wine Trophy - Gewurztraminer category - 2018 Tramín Cerveny

Focus on B\V Vinařství a.s. & 2018 Tramín Cerveny

Sunrise on Moravian vineyards @credit photoB/V Vinartsvi

Stage in Czech Republic at the B\V Vinařství a.s. estate 

It is spread over 63 hectares and was founded in September 2012. Winery B\V manages a large part of the local vineyards in Ratíškovice and its surroundings.

The following grape varieties are grown here for the production of white wines : Riesling, Sylvanian Green, Neuburg, Veltliner Green, Hibernal, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Moravian Nutmeg, Traminer, Sauvignon and Müller Thurgau. As for the Pinot Noir, Frankovka, André, Svatovavřinecké, Neronet, they give the rosé and red wines.

It won the 2021 Dry Wine Trophy in the Gewurtraminer category

with 2018 Tramín Cerveny

A wine with a residual sugar content of less than 4 grams/liter is considered a dry wine.

This wine estate has a taste for challenge since in 2020 it achieved a double in the competition by already winning a dry wine trophy – Gewurztraminer category with Tramin cerveny, vyber z hroznu 2018 and a second dry wine trophy – CHARDONNAY category for its Chardonnay RESERVA 2017.

We wanted to know more about the impact of this distinction and the projects of this daring wine estate. It is with joy and undisguised pride that Jiří Rejfíř, Brand Manager, answered our questions.

But above all, in order to understand this wine, here are some important details about the Moravian wine region and this specific terroir.

The wine comes from the Morava wine-growing region, sub-region of Slovácko, Ratíškovice wine- growing village, Náklo vineyard. The vineyard where the grapes ripened dates back to 1979. There are chernozem (“black earth”) heavier soils on a subsoil of fine sands, loess and clays. Together with the unique local manifestation of the climate of the so-called “Moravian Sahara” with less rainfall, this vineyard track creates unique conditions for growing grapes. The grapes ripen well and have sufficient natural acidity, so necessary to maintain the freshness of the wine in the following years of its development.

“Rich golden yellow colour with numerous reflections. The aroma is intense and varietally typical, the wine reminiscent of tea rose and violet blossoms is complemented by caramel notes. On the palate the wine is fuller, with lower acidity, balanced, harmonious and reminiscent of yellow melon with a honeyed finish. Long taste and a warm spicy finish.” this is how Jiri describes his wine and he does not fail to entice us by specifying several food-wine pairings.

Indeed, 2018 Tramín Cerveny is recommended especially with gorgonzola cheese, for example with grilled pear, walnuts. Aromas of tea roses and violets, a concentrated spicy flavour with a hint of honeyed spicy finish and a subtle acidity is an exclusive balancing and supporting flavour. This elegant, aromatic sparkling wine also pairs well with goat cheese crostini, pear and pistachios. Or various types of smoked fish.

  • Jiří, How did you and your team react after the announcement of the DRY WINE TROPHIES results ? 

“Feelings of happiness and satisfaction prevailed, after all, Tramín is a traditionnal variety in our area and we ourselves have always felt that the particular Tramín from our Hrubé pole line is extraordinary. The award we have received has confirmed our opinion, we are very happy for it and we appreciate it immensely.

This is not the first time we have participated in the competition and in fact last year, as you know, we had success with our Chardonnay RESERVA 2017, winning the dry wine category across the board. We found out about the competition through the internet, where we actively seek out prestigious competitions to test the quality of our wines against others.”

  • Jiří, you know, the media response to the 2021 edition has been amazing in France (120) and also worldwide in 28 countries (300 paper and digital articles), which impact of the media coverage on your sales?

“The media response was great and certainly helped us a lot. It also had a direct impact on our sales, especially in the Czech Republic. The winning Tramín sold out basically the day it was published, when an article about us appeared on a major server, and the second wave of interest came after the report was broadcast on national television channel. Interest in our wines has also picked up across varieties. In addition, we have had significant success in other global competitions over the past year and our success with Tramín was such a culmination of an already successful year for us in 2021.”

  • Jiří, you know, the media response to the 2021 edition has been amazing in France (120) and also worldwide in 28 countries (300 paper and digital articles), which impact of the media coverage on your sales?

“We have many plans, but they are mostly long-term. Of those we can reveal, we want to continuously build our brand through quality content, we want to get people more involved in our process and at the same time associate our brand with interesting people who are creative in their fields and have a similar approach to us.

We would like to make our wines more available abroad and this is also the direction of our strategy, we are starting to focus more on foreign trade, either in terms of online sales or personal contact with major foreign retailers and we are open to this.

In addition, in the summer we will open our first tribal shop in the Milotice castle granary, where our winery is also located. People will be able to taste our wines, buy them to go, have a good coffee and refreshments. At the same time, we are planning a space near the Tribal Shop, a bistro where we will serve interesting gastro combinations with our wines. The space will also be suitable for corporate events, weddings.

Regarding our 10th anniversary we are preparing a special limited edition of RESERVA wines for the end of the year.”

An openness to the world, a clear strategy based on the added value that Moravia can offer by drawing both on the historical resources of this region and its know-how and on the living forces resolutely turned towards innovation and development. This challenge is the course taken by B\V Vinařství as, which has already selected the samples that will be in competition next June at Le Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg.

“On behalf of B\V, we would like to greet your readers, thank you for the interview and wish you good health. Come and visit us in Ratiškovice in South Moravia, we definitely have a lot to offer!” concludes Jiří.

Le Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg wishes a brilliant continuation to this enterprising and determined estate and takes this opportunity to salute all of Moravia and its talents.

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