What is the OIV ?

The International Organization of Vine and Wine.
The scientific and technical reference of the vine and wine world.

2011 was the year of the recognition of the Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg as a competition of great international renown since the competition obtained the prestigious patronage of the OIV.

Thus Strasbourg Events in compliance with the very strict rules has seen the patronage renewed from year to year. The 25th anniversary of the contest begins with a gift that honours us, that of the renewal of the trust of the OIV which for the 12th consecutive year patronizes this event.

The competitions are supervised in accordance with the rules governed by the OIV. As such, OIV delegates attend the competitions and ensure this.

It is also through these checks that Strasbourg Events is able to guarantee international recognition to the award-winning candidates.

The winners will be able to affix the badges of the medals to their bottles.

In France alone there are more than a hundred competitions organized in the wine industry, only a handful benefit from the patronage of the OIV.

OIV board of Directors @OIV
OIV SUSTAIN Expert’s group meeting – January 2023 @OIV

What is the OIV?

It is an intergovernmental organization created in 1924. She works in the scientific and technical fields of the entire wine industry.

The head office has been based in Dijon, France since 2022.

It therefore consists of 45 Member States.

The 17 observer members are territories or associations. They can attend the work of the OIV as observers.

As for governance, the OIV has a President Luigi MOIO and a General Manager, Pau ROCA. The General Assembly and the Executive Committee meet twice a year.

The Bureau ensures that management decisions are consistent with the strategic plan adopted.

Which are the OIV main objectives ?

Inform its Member States of measures concerning producers, consumers and other players in the vine and wine products sector.

Assist other international organisations, especially those which carry out standardisation activities.

Contribute to the international harmonisation of existing practices and standards, improving the
conditions for producing and marketing vine and wine products, and helping ensure that the interests of consumers are taken into account.

These objectives are carried out by four commissions and two sub-commissions :

  1. Viticulture and table grapes
  2. Oenology and methods of analysis
  3. Economics and Law
  4. Health and safety

In January 2023 The Sustainable development and Climate Change expert’s group started the OIV Meeting discussing subjects as : slope viticulture, climate change in South Africa and varietals, resilience in vineyards and wineries.

Second gift for the 25th anniversary : Pr. DR Monika CHRISTMANN, Honorary President of the OIV  will attend the contest in April !

Left–> right : Christine COLLINS – Consultante-expert, Pr. Dr. Monika CHRISTMANN – OIV Honorary President, Roberto GAUDIO – OIV delegate, Souhire EHRESMANN – Events Manager by Strasbourg Events.

The OIV works on:

It proposes also :

After Mexico in 2022, the next OIV Congress which will be the 44th will be held in Spain from 5 to 10 June 2023.

To follow!

More information : https://www.oiv.int/en