Let’s Discover Château SIPIAN

and its 2023 Dry wine trophy, 100% Médoc, 100% Sémillon !

CHATEAU SIPIAN in Valeyrac, Médoc – FRANCE is the wine estate which won in 2023

The Dry Wine Trophy “Other grape varieties” with Collection Blanc 2021, Sémillon.

The MEHAYE family – winegrowers for 3 generations – has owned its vineyards for more than 30 years, today more than 40 hectares in Valeyrac in the Médoc. By following the evolution of winemaking techniques and instilling a “haute couture” approach, SIPIAN offers over time more modern and refined wines.

In the MEHAYE family, I ask for the father: Frédéric, the creator of CHATEAU SIPIAN, “the earthling” who for 30 years has never ceased to shape his vineyard and travel across Europe to deliver his wines.

I ask for the son: Quentin, “the artist” with a very clear and “haute couture” vision of marketing.

And to finish, I ask for the daughter MEHAYE: Clarisse, “the commercial” and WSET graduate, the link between earth and sky.

Quentin studied and made a career in fashion design and returned to the vineyard. It is not surprising that the estate shows great creativity: Château SIPIAN draws inspiration from the world of fashion and its collections in order to create its own trend.

An inspiration influenced by ” L’épure” the DESIGN current, specifies Quentin.

A particular vision and attention to detail, finishes from the concept of the wine (like a sketch) and this at each stage of the wine process down to the look of its label, which is obviously well thought out and accessorized by an equally elaborate cork. The estate has even done the surprising work of starting from a chosen label, a painting by Mondrian and developing the red wine that would correspond to it!

Different and complementary wines: single varietals, gourmet wines, festive and classic wines. The range of wines includes table wines but also wines for laying down. Whether white, red or rosé wine.

Quentin evokes wine lovers and consumers more broadly who also want a wine that fits their daily lives and their desires for wine that can be drunk quickly unlike wines for laying down.

The story of “Collection Blanc”, awarded at the Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg with a score of 93 points and a Trophy for Best Dry Wine, is also a bet. 5 years ago, the MEHAYE family decided to plant a white grape variety, Sémillion, to offer a “haute couture” white wine.

In 2023, first participation in our competition, world reference, sponsored by the OIV and member of VINOFED and this is the supreme distinction!

Château SIPIAN is already designing the next collection, perhaps the one that will parade on the wine list of a mythical restaurant in the bassin d’Arcachon with a breathtaking view of the ocean or elsewhere, provided that the guests experience an exceptional moment there, of sharing and of serenity signed SIPIAN.

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