The perfect wedding : AOP Picpoul de Pinet & Oysters

Focus on the Beauvignac wine family, Languedoc, France

plot overlooking the oyster farm

Winner this year 2023 of a gold medal at the Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg in the other grape varieties category with

AOP Picpoul de Pinet Beauvignac, traditional vintage 2022

The Pomerols cellars managers answered some questions.

Let’s discover together this terroir which flirts with the lagoon and the powerful essences of the scrubland.

Presentation of the Beauvignac wine family and its terroir

Along the Mediterranean, the vineyards of the Beauvignac wine family extend from the Thau lagoon, dominated by the ancient volcano of Agde and the Mont Saint Clair of Sète, to the hilly slopes of the Grès of Montpellier.

It is a unique thousand-year-old terroir where vines rub shoulders with old limestone, red earth and ancient sandstone. Enthroned on an alluvial plateau, exposed to the rising sun, covered with fragrant scrubland and orderly vineyards, dotted with tall pine forests, overlooking the oyster beds approaching the peaceful waters of the lagoon.

True artisans passionate about their terroir, our winegrowers have been expressing their know-how since 1932 through authentic wines whose quality is rewarded every year (more than 90 medals per year). A force of cooperation represented by more than 271 active members on 2,400 hectares of vines, 500 of which are classified as Picpoul de Pinet Protected Designation of Origin areas.

Mainly white grape varieties are grown there (60% of our production) which are distinguished by their freshness: Piquepoul, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Viognier, Terret.

The red grape varieties are: Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, Carignan which are vinified both in red and rosé.

Find out more about the medal-winning wine, from the plot concerned to the tasting

Concerning the award-winning vintage: AOP Picpoul de Pinet Beauvignac, 2022 tradition vintage:

A land of ancient terraces called Costières dating from the Pliocene with a geological structure of red marl, sand, gravel, molasses with limestone flakes exposed facing the Thau lagoon, swept by the trade winds of the Mediterranean Sea. Night harvest at maturity between 12.5° and 13.5°.

The color is a brilliant yellow with discreet green reflections.

The nose is very expressive, notes of citrus (lemon, lime, pomelo) and white-fleshed fruits (vine peach, apple) mingle with subtle floral notes (white flowers, lime).

The entry into the mouth is fresh, with clear notes of citrus and white fruits preceding a finish marked by minerality just completed by an iodized sensation.

Its land is the sea! Already essential in pairing with shellfish, in particular oysters from the Etang de Thau, whose vines overlook the peaceful lagoon.

Cellar projects and other prides

In the future, the winery tends to develop further on the French market, since at present, more than 60% of our production is exported (mainly to the United Kingdom).

Rigorous work has been carried out to develop a vine culture in accordance with environmental issues (sustainable agriculture, conversion to organic, Terra Vitis, HVE) in order to preserve the sustainability of the unique environment in which shellfish farming and viticulture flourish. Offering quality wines, faithful to our terroir and above all affordable.

We keep in mind the words of Georges Brassens: “the best wine is not necessarily the most expensive, but the one that we share” like our AOP Picpoul de Pinet Beauvignac, 2022 tradition vintage which is sold less than €8.

Joël JULIEN Directeur/œnologue et Jean-Luc LAVERGNE chef de cave
Le Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg 

“Presenting our AOP Picpoul de Pinet at the Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg was a desire for us to claim a terroir, an appellation and cooperative know-how. This list honors and rewards the professionalism of our winegrowers, oenologists and all staff and opens a royal path for the company. It demonstrates and promotes a notable increase in performance. It is a promotional tool, an enhancement, a sort of “star that guides” the wine lover.”

All that remains is to taste, in moderation, perhaps for the end of year celebrations and thus be invited to this happy marriage of oysters & AOP Picpoul de Pinet Beauvignac, traditional 2022 vintage ! Cheers !